I don’t usually write posts like this because I have my Wishlist and Bucket List pages but this year is different. Of the many 2017 goals and plans that I have there are several that I hope to really be able to fulfill. This will serve as my goal sheet for the year and hopefully by the end of it I’ll be able to say I accomplished most if not all!



My ultimate dream destination is Italy. I most probably won’t be able to get there this year but it’s never bad to dream right! So many things can happen it just might be possible! The 2 travel goals I have are a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland’s Harry Potter attraction and the beach. Summer is nearing and I’m hoping to take my kids to the beach.

Financial Comfort

This year I’m trying one of those money challenges but instead of a weekly one I’m doing it twice a month. Hopefully, by the end of the year I have a little nest egg we can use for the holidays.

Meet New People

So cliche right? You’d be surprised but I don’t know many people. My life has been focused on my family and my kids that I’ve never been out socially and not been surrounded by friends, never gone on a real date and I’ve shut myself off from anyone other than my closest friends and fellow mommies and mommy bloggers.

Find Some Time for Myself

I hear watching a movie by yourself is something everyone should do. So believe it or not this is one of my goals. Now, I just have to find the right movie!

It’d be nice to get some new experiences in this year.