What an amazing experience! Who would have thought that I’d get to meet THE Cake Boss? I watch his show and love to see the final creations. To see him in person and his talent at work was truly exciting.

Media, bloggers, major fans and contest winners gathered at the Shangri La at the Fort to meet him and try some cupcake decorating of our own.


I asked which of my two teens would like to join me and Kianna eagerly did. While we waited we were treated to some delectable desserts. This Cake Boss stand featured his line of baking products.


Buddy Valastro was here as part of the TLC Festival which is an annual event of the travel and lifestyle channel.

What’s great about Buddy is how down to earth he is. He was only in college when the family owned bakery was handed down to him after his father passed away. With 40 staff and inexperience Buddy began his journey. He embraced his role and from there went on to create a successful business.


Buddy jokingly said he would show us that he did in fact know how to decorate cupcakes. There have been claims to the contrary but he showed us just how talented he was and started decorating cupcakes in different styles. He made it look so easily!


Check out one of his cupcake decorating techniques.

I got to try my hand at cupcake decorating and I’ve got to say it’s difficult to get those designs down! However, I had so much fun! It’s given me an interest in baking and hopefully one day I can delve into it more.


Thumbs up from Buddy! I’m sure he was just being polite! We were so lucky to have been each given time to talk to him and take pictures.


My favorite design of the 4 we created. It’s a Christmas wreath!


There are so many designs you could make and it really does take control, precision and creativity to come up with a good design.


After our own cupcake decorating we were each certified Cake Boss’ and he even signed our aprons!



This is an unforgettable experience for me. As always, I’m thankful and blessed to be given opportunities such as this.


Join the 2017 TLC Festival and get a chance to meet the big man himself! 

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