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Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved giving personalized gifts. The extra touch and care put into each gift sends a message of love and the best part about it is that it’ll always be unique and personalized by you.

Christmas shopping can get pretty hefty on the budget but a great way to still give personalized gift to each loved one and save is by checking out Groupon coupons. Anytime I need to make a purchase I always make sure to check Groupon first because not only do they provide coupons they also give you a variety to choose from. I’m sharing a couple of perfect personalized sites that have excellent deals from free shipping to mark downs and even free prints.

This Christmas I’d like to share a few ideas where you can truly give gifts from the heart.

Personal Creations

An excellent personalized gift that can be given to anyone is a specially crafted ornament. Every year your gift will be placed on your loved one’s tree and it’ll witness all the magical moments of each person you’ve given an ornament to. Visit the Ornamental Workshop page to choose from over 1,000 ornaments. This gift is perfect for large groups.

Give Gifts From the Heart Groupon Coupons

When I’m looking for gifts for friends I always choose something that can be used for their home. You can never go wrong there. Home decor or wall art will make a perfect choice. My personal favorite to give is canvas wall art that can compliment any room in the house. Just add a special touch such as dates for anniversaries or birthdays and you’ve got one special gift.

Give Gifts From the Heart Groupon Coupons


Even in this day and age of gadgets and technology, we still like to look at photo albums and reminisce with family members as we turn each page. This is another gift you can never go wrong with. Photo books can be given to family and dear friends. Choosing each picture to be featured in a customized photo book lets them know just how special they are.

Give Gifts From the Heart Groupon Coupons

Shutterfly can provide 3 ways to customize photobooks.

  1. The Make My Book Service are for those who may not have time to put together a photobook on their own. Just provide the photos and they’ll take it from there.
  2. Custom Path are for those would like to personally create each layout and add embelishments. This is what I would like to do the most but I’m always lacking time to really get down to doing it so I opt for the third option.
  3. Simple Path is an option you can go for where a photo book layout has been pre-arranged and you can just edit it how you please. You can rearrange photos and edit captions. Most of the work is done.

Give Gifts From the Heart Groupon Coupons

There you have it! This Christmas give gifts from the heart for your loved ones!

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