A perfect pasalubong and snack at home are Red Ribbon’s cheesy ensaimadas. We always make sure to have a pack at home.

To make a good thing even better Red Ribbon brings us a more creamy and cheesy ensaimada!

The cheesy goodness of the ensaimadas has now leveled up to achieve the perfect balance of a sweet and salty taste. This new and exciting flavor is brought by the perfect combination of butter and sugar toppings covered with long and thick strands of creamy cheese.

Aside from the new twist, Red Ribbon Cheesy Ensaimada also introduces two new flavors that will surely satisfy your every ensaimada craving.


The Red Ribbon Salted Caramel Ensaimada (left) is generously smothered with salted caramel topping and long strands of creamy cheese while the Strawberry Cheesecake Ensaimada (right)is topped with a rich layer of luscious strawberry and cream cheese for that perfect complement to the salty cheese toppings . These two new flavors are guaranteed to be the best snack time must-have in any lunch box. Jael will be packing these for school!

“We always want to serve new flavorful treats for our customers,” said Ned Bandojo, Head of Marketing of Red Ribbon. “These Cheesy Ensaimadas promise to deliver what our customers truly deserve, which is to have more reasons to make ordinary moments with family and friends so much sweeter.”


Red Ribbon Cheesy Ensaimadas are available for only Php25 while the Red Ribbon Strawberry Cheesecake Ensaimada and Red Ribbon Salted Caramel Ensaimada are priced at Php35 each.

Red Ribbon Ensaimadas are now available in all stores nationwide.


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