Red Ribbon is our go to bakeshop for birthday cakes. We love their dedication cakes and it’s Jael’s most favorite cake. I think I even have a video of Jael declaring his love for it!

One of the leading and fastest growing bakeshop chains in the Philippines, Red Ribbon has marked another milestone with the launch of its first flagship store in SM Megamall, ground floor of building A.

The Red Ribbon flagship store highlights design features that all combine to make both every day and special moments even more memorable.

From afar, the combination of the red archways and art installation instantly attract. The first unique feature showcases one of the bakeshop’s signature products, the Black Forest Cake.


Ms Camille Prats hosted the launch and is also a brand ambassador for the beloved bakeshop.


The store has several shelves that contain Red Ribbon’s pastries, bread, and delicacies. These are placed in the center and the left side of the store for easy access to items that they want to bring home to family and friends.

“We designed the flagship store with the intention of giving our loyal customers a more enjoyable experience,” said Ned Bandojo, Head of Marketing of Red Ribbon. “This new store sets us apart and showcases the best of Red Ribbon – in products, services and experience.”


Another feature of the flagship store is the Huddle Area intended for customer bonding as well as for fostering community building. Activities and workshops on parenting, home baking, and personal development, among others, will be held here.


The Ribbon Counter feature encourages customers to personalize their Red Ribbon product by allowing them to put their own touch on the Red Ribbon box. Here, they can decorate it with more colorful ribbons aside from the signature red ribbon.


The In-house Baking Area is located at the right side of the store. Available only in this branch, customers will be treated to the sight and aroma of selected freshly-baked Red Ribbon goodies that are topped with special decorations.

There is also a colorfully designed, textured Selfie Wall with Red Ribbon’s iconic graphics. Customers can take photos of themselves as they enjoy each other’s company together with their Red Ribbon treats.

“All these elements come together to complete the Red Ribbon experience of creating sweet and memorable moments for any occasion. This is our way of showing appreciation to our many loyal customers who have made our cakes, pastries, bread, and delicacies part of their family moments,” added Bandojo.

Red Ribbon launched the Sweet Moments at Red Ribbon App, a downloadable mobile app.

This augmented reality app can be accessed at the flagship store’s four unique features as well as in other areas. With the app, visitors can take photos of themselves together with some Red Ribbon iconic elements. It also has a digital board game, which can only be acquired and played in the huddle area.




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