Breakfast at home is pretty light. They say a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it should be but with so much going on we’re not able to have a hefty one.

Cereals to the rescue! Growing up, I had cereal every morning. I was energized by the cereal and fresh milk. My kids are the same. They love having cereal in the morning and it gives them the energy they need for a day of school and activities.
A healthy breakfast with whole grains has so many benefits. Cereal eaters have a better intake. They have more calcium, magnesium, iron and Vitamins B & C.  For Nestle breakfast cereals, there’s less added sugar in one bowl of cereal. Since cereal is quick and easy there’s more of a tendency to have breakfast rather than if a meal were to be prepared.
Children who eat breakfast cereal tend to perform better in school, have higher test scores and lower absenteeism and tardiness. All pluses in my book!

KOKO KRUNCH is a yummy and nutritious breakfast cereal with the goodness of whole grain, the #1 ingredient. HONEY STARS® is the “tastiest stars in the universe” that brings the out-of-this-world fantasy and excitement of space adventure to breakfast. It’s the fun-to-eat crunchy star-shaped cereal pieces blasted with golden honey that no one can resist. MILO® Breakfast Cereal is the only cereal that gives children the Milo® taste they love and the Milo® nutrition they need to take on the day

If you don’t have time in the mornings just make sure to have cereal and fresh milk. A light breakfast is better than no breakfast at all!
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