Halloween is always synonymous to candy. It’s what kids are looking forward to aside from dressing up. It’s also a dangerous time for our kids health and teeth! With so many different candies and treats our kid’s health and teeth will surely take a hit. That’s why jelly candies like Vita Cubes is the perfect alternative. We spent a Halloween with Vita Cubes and had a 2Good Fun day of magic and surprises.


The Vita Cubes 2Good event was held at Active Fun BGC on October 22. Each mommy was given a passport of fun activities to do.

Of course Vita Cubes was center stage and the fun healthy treats were all around the venue encouraging moms and kids to try them. Vita Cubes is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals having Lysine, Zinc, Vitamin A, B, C, and E.


The kids were in awe as they watched the magic show and got to participate in games and win prizes.


The party was overflowing with Vita Cubes, balloons and fun!



Mommy Bloggers Philippines mommies at the VitA Cubes 2Good Halloween Event! Photo by Gracie Miranda of Fab Mama.

Vita Cubes is available at all Mercury Drug outlets, SM Supermarkets, Robinson’s Supermarkets, Waltermart, Landmark, Puregold and local grocery stores. They come in boxes (10pcs of 50g packs), individual 50g packs (Php12.00/pack) and in singles (Php1.00).


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