Fairview Terraces Halloween 2016 Featuring Kidzania!

Halloween would not be complete for us without attending Fairview Terraces Halloween yearly event. Jael was very much looking forward to trick or treating while I was excited for Jael to try the Kidzania pop up.

This year their event was entitled Costume Holidays featuring Kidzania Go!, Fairy Land, Anime Land and Fright Night.


We stayed most of the day at Fairview Terraces and whiled our time away at Chilis. Kianna had accompanied us and she stayed there while Jael and I went back and forth between events.


First up was the trick or treating. There were still many stores that participated. Last year we had an awesome haul with Jael filling his pumpkin to the brim. This year Jael was not as hyper and when he was satisfied with what he got we took a break and had lunch at Chilis.


When you participate at the Fairview Terraces Halloween event you get these loot bags!


Though we’ve been to Kidzania a few times now but it’s always great fun when there’s an opportunity like this. We were lucky enough to have gotten slots even if we were walk-ins because the 1pm batch still had some free slots. They did the pop up in hourly batches where kids would get to try 4 different “careers”. Jael is too young right now to know what he wants to be when he grows up but it’s terrific that he gets to learn about the different opportunities out there.


First stop was at Vita’s Garden where the kids put a plant in a small pot. The pocket activities were about 5 minutes long and everything was well prepared for them.



At Beebop’s Gallery they ventured into a bit of painting. Jael liked mixing the colors.



Jael was so fascinated with the experiment they did at Urbano’s Lab. Combining oil, water and food coloring to create a beautiful mix.



Lastly, at Chika’s Bakery they decoated a cookie which Jael promptly ate.



After the activities the kids were treated to a dance number by the Kidzania gang.


We also enjoyed treats by Cara Mia and had their Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream gelato.

Overall, the event was a success and we can’t wait for next year! Stay tuned to Fairview Terraces’ Facebook page for their weekly events and watch out for something special this Christmas!


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6 thoughts on “Fairview Terraces Halloween 2016 Featuring Kidzania!

  1. Wow! What a fantastic event! This is great for the children and parents too because there is so much going on. Love the fact that they are planting plants, decorating and painting too. Your photos are really colourful and I like the batman costume. This is lovely because it is something everybody will always remember.

  2. Great theme! FT is just nearby and I can attest Ayala Malls hold one of the best trick or treat events for kids! Glad you and your kids had fun, I love Chili’s too! <3

  3. This is so nice! Probably one of the happiest Trick or Treat events I’ve known. Fairview Terraces is really generous and this activity proves that they really care. Love the theme as well! Glad that your kid learned a lot!

  4. Santi and I missed Halloween this year. We used to be very excited about Halloween, but it was really busy at work. It looked like celebrating it in Kidzania was fun. It’s already in my list of places to bring Santi – I hope we get to visit there soon. 🙂

    Nina Sogue | http://www.ninasogue.com

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