As we go into the “Ber” months we may have weather as unpredictable as our kids! It’s sunny one day and rainy the next. Keeping kids cooped up because of this can be a challenge. There are ways to have simple yet fun rainy days though. Let me share some of our rainy day activities.

Constructive Play

Did you know that there are different kinds of play? Constructive play is one type of play where kids can learn and have fun. Building with Lego toys is a perfect example as they experiment and hone their creativity. If you’re unsure about the safety of some toys just check the label and see if the toy is age appropriate and safe to play with.


Good old Fashioned Play

What about good old fashioned play? Have you ever felt like you’ve stocked up on a bunch of toys that your kids were dying to have and realize that they aren’t played with as much as you’d hoped? Rainy days are perfect for this. Get that box of toys out and let him at it. Better yet let him have some friends over so those toys are put to good use.  Forget the mess for now and let him play, learn and explore.



As a child I used to draw for hours. I loved the way I could create something out of nothing. Provide your child with the tools they’ll need to discover their artistic side. A very dear friend gave Jael this Easy to Draw Vehicles drawing book and he is over the moon when he is able to complete a drawing.


Craft Activities

I’m an arts and crafts girl myself and I’ve tried to get my kids interested as well. I used to only have my imagination to work with but nowadays you can easily print out activities for your child to do. There are sooo many online and something for almost every interest.

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Being Wacky

If there’s one thing Jael likes to do is be wacky! I’ll find a ton of wacky selfie shots I didn’t know he took. He also loves using Snapchat for the filters and his Ate Kianna will get in on the action. Sometimes we explore his wackiness by just telling outrageous stories. This activity won’t cost you anything but time and love.


These are great indoor activities that will be even more fun with friends. Sharing toys and ideas can be both productive and fun.

I never have to worry about Jael’s health because his twice daily glass of Nido 5+ gives him the protection and strength he needs to fight off sickness and germs. As pro active moms we can also ensure our kids safety by checking labels. Let them play and get dirty!

Jael is a fast growing 6 year old and I give him Nido 5+ with Calci-N that helps builds healthy bones and DHA plus ALA, LA, Folic Acid and Taurine for brain structure development. Since Jael is Laking NIDO, Protekado I’m assured every single day that my little boy is growing up strong and healthy.


There’s much fun to be had despite the crazy weather. What’s most important is that we take the time to enjoy these moments with our little ones.

What rainy day activities do you and your kids do?

* NIDO 5+ is not suitable for infant feeding and is not a breast milk substitute

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