Did you know that nearly 6 billion text messages are sent in the US in any given day? Texting remains that modern day’s most popular form of communication. It’s the way Gen-Y talks to each other. I’ve yet to come across many kids that like talking on the phone through a data package. That just does not happen anymore.


I think a recent Buzzfeed post hilariously spoofed what it’s like to receive a phone call in 2016. Because this generation prefers a communication in the form of words more so than voicemail. The thing with text messages is that they are discreet. While you can listen to what your child is talking about when they are on an actual phone call, it takes a bit more digging in with text messages. Thankfully, you too have the tools in 2016 to take these matters in your own hands. Even parents can be spying on text messages of their kids if they had the right tools. And I happen to know what they are.

XNSPY Mobile Text Monitoring

So there’s an app called XNSPY and here is how it works. You install it onto your child’s phone. The app records all of the text messages that your child receives. The data is then sent to an online control panel. This happens in real time so you’re never far from being in the know. From here, you log into your account and access the recorded data. You sieve through the hoard of messages. From here on, you get to see what your child talks about, who they are talking to, whether they are being irresponsible in their data use, whether they’re putting themselves in danger by sexting with strangers and whether they’ve in distress because they are being cyberbullied. All the app does is give you their text messages, sent and received, as they get/send them. It is your duty as the parent to take them as you may and decide what you have to do with that information.

Setting Watchlist Words for Text

Another thing you can do with XNSPY is set watch list words for text. What exactly is a Watch list, you ask? It’s basically an alarm for trigger words. These could be cusswords, or red flags like “cigarettes” or “pot” or the name of a person, or any other thing you’ve noticed in their text messages and suspect is fishy. What the watch list does is send you an alert any time this word appears in their text messages. This way, you are notified in real time and you can see what is up with your kid right away. This is really handy because it enables you to take action right away instead of waiting around for things to get worse.

So you see? Spying on text messages is really easy, even if you’re a parent intimidated by the technology of your children’s generation. Because it is 2016 and it is high time you play catch up and become more involved in this digital revolution in parenting.  

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