For the longest time we’ve been wanting to have Netflix Philippines and finally we got it. It was pretty big news when we found out that this channel would be available locally. I eagerly signed up for it using my PayPal as the 1 month free trial requires you to connect a payment account.

Later in the day I found out that over 93% of what’s available in the US would not be available here. That was a bit of a downer but I still wanted to give it a try. The main reason being that we had to ban YouTube from our youngest who was getting a little bit too addicted to Minecraft videos and the like.

Since Jael is going to school this year I needed to limit hist watching time to shows and movies he would gain fun and learning from.

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I chose the most basic plan at Php370 which allows for viewing on 1 device only at a time. If after a month I’ll see if it’s worth upgrading.

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When you set up an account on Netflix they offer you 5 profiles you can manage. Since me and the kids would be the biggest users I set up an account for all 3 and made 2 accounts for Jael. Why? Well, his main account is Kid centered therefore it only gives him shows and movies allowed for 12 years old and below.

When he told me he wanted to watch Transformers which isn’t available on his profile I set up another one where he can watch and which we would do together. He’s a pretty good boy so he doesn’t use that channel without me.

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The Kids channel has so many shows and movies to choose from. Despite being only about 9% of what Netflix offers in other countries Jael still has a good selection. We’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks and have watched plenty of shows that we can give you our top 5 kid recommendations.

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The Magic School Bus

Jael and I first encountered The Magic School Bus when we bought a book at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale. When I saw that they had the TV show on Netflix I told Jael about it and having remembered the book he was eager to watch it.

The Magic School Bus brings the kids from Ms Frizzle’s class on all kinds of journeys. The great thing about it is it very relatable to children, it easily speaks to kids as young as Jael and there’s of course, always a lesson to be learned. It was a big hit with Jael. He loves the story lines and the characters. Hopefully, they add the second season and so forth.

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We watched the movie and though Jael got a bit of a fright he really enjoyed it. I asked him if he wanted to watch the show and we gave it a try.

Ideally, Goosebumps is for children 7 and above. Though Jael is only 5, I thought he could handle it, reason being is he’s not afraid to ask about things. We watched the shows together and he did get scared sometimes but when I talked to him about it he had a better understanding of what was happening and it didn’t seem as scary.

There are plenty of scares but there are also morals in Goosebumps stories. You do get the odd story here and there that leaves even me wondering what I had just watched. This recommendation is a “Watch at your own risk” one.

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Journey 2 : The Center of the Earth

I really like the first Journey movie but since it wasn’t available on Netflix Philippines we opted for Journey 2: The Center of the Earth. I didn’t know that Jael would love it so much but I guess it’s no surprise since it’s full of adventure and comedy.

Though this movie wasn’t as popular as the first I think it’s still a good watch especially for kids. Discovering the island and all the hurdles that come their way makes for an excellent watch.

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Aliens in the Attic

This movie, Jael discovered on his own. He was probably intrigued with the aliens and he asked me to watch it with him (his second, my first watch). It turned out to be funny and the sibling and cousin dynamic was a nice part in the movie.

I think Jael may have related a bit because though Kuya and Ate love him it seems that he’s a bit annoying to them and I can see him get sad sometimes when they don’t spend time with him. The teamwork in the movie and the hilarious ways they try to beat those aliens makes it enjoyable.

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 The Wizard of Oz

It’s no question that something as classic as The Wizard of Oz would end up on our list. I first introduced this to my teens when they were about 8 years old. I thought they would find it a bore but surprisingly they liked the movie and Bastian even read the book.

You can beat a classic as imaginative as this and I highly recommend watching this with the whole family.

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What are your Netflix Philippines recommendations?

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