Who doesn’t love flip flops? Aren’t you just tempted to wear these babies with everything you own? Imagine the comfort and the less time and stress over what to pair with your outfit? Maybe it’s just me…

I’m a comfort over style kinda girl so I’ll probably go for flip flops if I’m just stepping out to the mall or supermarket.

Banana Peel is the first flip flop concept store in the Philippines. They’ve produced so many kinds of flip flops from ultra chic to athletic to classic without sacrificing quality. I love Banana Peel flip flops because they’re so soft and comfortable. Extra points, too for making them eco friendly. They make sure to use non-harmful materials from the thong down to the sole. They use non-toxic paint to create those trendy prints.

Here are just a couple of designs that I have and love.

Funshots- Apricot Fizz

I just love candy colored flip flops. I wear this when I feel light hearted and want a fresh look.

banana peel flip flops lifestyle mommy blogger www.artofbeingamom.com 01

Salt N’ Pepper – Ma Cherie

This is what I choose for my everyday wear and even though it’s black it has these cute Eiffel Tower and heart designs.

banana peel flip flops lifestyle mommy blogger www.artofbeingamom.com 03

There are so many more designs to choose from. You can get one for every mood or for every casual outfit you have.

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