Kidzania Manila may just be one of the best places to bring your child if your aim is to learn and have fun at the same time. You’ll definitely make more than one trip there to discover all it has to offer. Here are some must know and to do’s when you’re there so you can get the full experience.

Make The Most Out of Your Child’s Kidzania Manila Experience With These Tips

Kids looking for an awesome experience that lets them learn while having fun can head to KidZania Manila—the only interactive play city where kids can explore, discover, and learn how the real world works.

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Built to scale for children, KidZania Manila has over 100 role-playing activities hat kids aged four to 14 years can enjoy. These fun and immersive career activities have been designed to be developmentally appropriate for their age group.

The play city has a wide range of activities to choose from, you’ll find a handy guide below on how kids can maximize the fun and have the best learning experience at KidZania Manila.

Find the best career

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Upon arrival at KidZania Manila, kids are given a boarding pass and check for 50 kidZos.

Once inside the play city, they can head over to the Bank to encash their check into KidZos—the official currency in KidZania.

Here’s a not-so-secret tip: they can conveniently open a bank account with a minimum deposit of 20 kidZos—just make sure to check the schedule for the opening of accounts at the Bank. After opening an account, kids get their own personalized ATM card that they can use in the ATMs all around the play city.

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Now, it’s time for them to choose where they want to go. Kids can check each establishment’s Census Plaque to help them determine which activity they can participate in. Reading these plaques is especially helpful because they indicate the age requirement and duration period of the activity, as well as how many visitors can join and whether the activity will require earning or spending kidZos.

KidZania Manila also has an Employment Office which helps kids determine their preferred immersive activity. Here, visitors find out which jobs are best suited for them, giving them a better idea on which establishments to go to.

Once they decide which job to take, kids can easily find the establishment using an app on a mobile phone which they can rent at the ABS-CBN Mobile shop.

Earning kidZos

Just like in the real world, kids can get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in various fields at the KidZania Manila University. They can sign up for any—or all!—of the four degrees at the University: Humanities and the Arts, Engineering and Architecture, Health Sciences, and Business Administration. This allows them to earn more or pay less kidZos in the professions related to the fields they have studied.

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Fans and frequent visitors can even become citiZens of KidZania Manila through the B-KidZanian loyalty program.

They can apply for their very own PaZZport at the PaZZport Office and earn stamps every time they role-play a career. The more activities kids complete, the more benefits they’ll earn and the more fun they’ll have on their very next visit.

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Bring home the KidZania experience

If kids want to bring home a souvenir or two, the National Store is the place to go to. With two locations—one near PikZ station and the other just by the exit—they will surely find toys and collectibles that capture the fun they had at KidZania Manila. The National Store accepts payments in Philippine pesos, a foreign currency in the play city.

Another important stop for kids and their parents alike is the PikZ Station, where they can get photos of the misters and misses’ unforgettable and precious on-the-job moments at the play city.

Z-U next time!

After a fun and eventful day of “work” and play, kids can make a beeline for the Immigration Office, located between the Mobile Shop and the National Store. This is where security bracelets are removed and guests make their exit.

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At KidZania Manila, kids can enjoy a fun learning experience that sparks their imagination, ignites their minds, nurtures creativity, and inspires real-world exploration. And with these tips, children can do even bigger things and make the most out of their role-playing experience.


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