As a mom of two teens and a pre-schooler, I’ve always encouraged creativity in each of my children.

My eldest Bastian, has a love for words, constantly coming up with prose that evokes feelings you wouldn’t think a teenager is capable of fully appreciating yet. Kianna has such a talent for dancing. It seems her every movement is a dance step she’s rehearsing in her mind.

Jael being 5 years old has much to explore before he finds his love in creativity. Already though, I see he has a flair for words and acting. As much as possible, I try to make it so he’s introduced to new experiences. As I see it, and as I’ve proven with my teens, any experience can be made into a creative opportunity.

Jael, being the youngest in the family, and not having as much social interaction, there are limitations but hopefully seeking out opportunities helps boost his creativity.

A perfect example was when we visited the Nido 3+ 3D art installations. I was looking forward to another #Laking Amazing experience, hopefully one that Jael will both enjoy and learn from.

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Our first stop was at Glorietta where they have one of their 3D art installations. 3D art has been such a trend lately and why wouldn’t it be with the amazing opportunities to explore different poses and capture lifelike moments. There are actually a few places you can visit to enjoy optical illusions but it’s a bit costly especially if you go with the whole family.

The great thing about the Nido 3+ 3D art installations is that they’re totally free. So if you find yourself at these malls take advantage and drop by for a few shots.

I knew Jael would be very shy especially at the first 3D art installation. However, using my parenting skils AKA “negotiating”, I got him to at least try it. The thing about parental negotiation is you have to follow through in order for it to work and continue to work. What did I negotiate? A chance to play one game at the nearby arcade. That did the trick. Set expectations and you get a better result.

Here he is enjoying what I told him was a scene where he was hanging from a tree. I think I got the angle a bit and he seemed to enjoy it which was the whole point.

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I teach Jael even at this young age, the importance of trying something new while enjoying what he’s trying to do.

Our second 3D art installation was a visit to Greenbelt where this awesome night time scenery awaited us. I got him to relax and take more pictures. He’s even checking out the telescope!

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If you’ve read my past posts then you know that Jael is a bit of a picky eater. I didn’t have this problem with my teens and it has been a challenge to get Jael to eat more. When he started drinking Nido 5+ I was totally amazed at how he wanted to drink it. Not because I asked him to but because he wanted to. When I ask him if he’d like chocolate milk he’d tell me he wanted a glass of Nido. We’ve stuck with Nido 5+ ever since.

With Nido, your child gets Lactobacillus Protectus, which is good bacteria that helps your child build bodily defenses. This probiotic comes with Prebio 3 (for a healthy tummy), DHA plus ALA, LA, Folic Acid, and  Taurine (for brain structure development) and Vitamins and Minerals (for healthy growth).

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Look as far as your eye can see, Jael. Reach for the stars and the moon and create possibilities.

Our last stop for the day was at Alabang Town Center where we played out a scene at the park. To be honest, I was getting a bit run down at this point but Jael was still bursting with energy.

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I trust Nido 5+ to give Jael the #LakingAmazing experiences I know he deserves to have. With just 2 glasses a day, he gets the protection, growth and development he needs.

This was a #LakingAmazing experience! Jael came out of his shell a little bit more, he enjoyed posing at the 3D art installations and I got to spend more quality time with him!

It’s my hope that each new experience leaves him with a lasting impression and that one day when he looks back on his childhood he remembers it with fondness and love.

Thank you Nido for giving us this experience!

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