Unboxing the Lenovo A319

With the way the world is today it’s important that a child has a cellphone. A means of communication to keep in touch with them and know they are okay and safe. My kids have had cellphones since they were 12 years old. I don’t believe in spoiling a child by buying them an extravagant or expensive cellphone. That’s never been my way of bringing them up. I think that’s why they have an appreciation for the things that they get. When Kianna needed a new phone I opted for this Lenovo A319 that I found on Ensogo Philippines.

It was reasonable priced, has a dual sim and has apps that she can use for school and her own pleasure. Now you might be hesitant with all the things that go on through social media but I’ve also found a solution for that. I use the Dinnertime Plus app which is available on Android and can be used on a parent’s Android or iPhone.

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The Lenovo RocStar (A319) Smartphone gives an exceptional music experience. Kianna has said that the sound of her phone is louder than other phones. She listens to alot of 5SOS songs and I haven’t heard a complaint yet.

It has a 10.16cm (4) Display and is more than adequate when it comes to watching YouTube videos or surfing. The camera is so-so meaning you get clear and crisp pictures in daylight but is of lower quality when not using ideal lighting. With a Dual Core Processor and Android 4.4 Kit Kat she has fast enough speed and use from her Lenovo phone.

Her phone kit came with a Globe Prepaid Sim pack which has 2 months FREE internet. She’s been getting good use from that. Priced at Php4445, I felt that I was getting value for money.

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Watch the Unboxing of the Lenovo A319 by Kianna

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