The teenage years is all about the music. In my teens I was always in the clouds wearing my headset listening to song after song so it’s no surprise that my eldest asked for a quality headset. I saw this Marley Jammin Collection in ear headset on Ensogo and when I did a further search on it I liked and appreciated the fact that it was eco friendly. I got this headset at just Php1,764.

The Marley Jammin Collection from the House of Marley is inspired by legendary singer Bob Marley and is headed by Rohan Marley, his son. The House of Marley represents superior quality, earth-friendliness and a commitment to global charitable causes.

Bastian selected the Marley People Get Ready In-ear Headset in Midnight. Take a look at Bastian’s unboxing of the Marley Jammin Collection In Ear Headset.

Bastian’s take on the product:

He’s very happy with the headset. The noise cancelling feature is so effective that when I call him he can’t hear me! You can truly feel the beat and vibe of the music. Bastian was most impressed with the eco friendly concept, especially the twine used to tie the cord. On weekends, when we allow them to use their gadgets into the night, he finds that the cord doesn’t tangle much when he’s fallen asleep. It’s a very well rounded product worth the price.

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