If you are considering having a cosmetic procedure to get rid of unsightly hair in places where hair shouldn’t be, laser hair removal is definitely the way to go. They are far less painful than electrolysis or other treatments. Most people think they are even less painful than waxing. Even so, there are things you should know about it before making up your mind.

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How Lasers Remove Unwanted Hair from your Body

To put it simply, lasers can hurt your hair follicles. When those follicles are injured, or sometimes totally destroyed, those particular hairs can’t grow back for a long time, if ever. Shaving doesn’t get at the roots of the hairs, which is why the hair grows back so quickly. So, it’s clear why laser hair removal treatments are a good alternative to shaving. Many people also consider them to be better than waxing, since waxing can be quite painful and time consuming.

All Hair Won’t Disappear Right Away

If you think that laser hair removal will completely and permanently remove all hair right away, think again. Generally, the first treatment will remove most of the hair that you can see, but the hair and follicles below the surface might not be removed as easily.

The fact of the matter is that removing that unwanted hair is usually done in a series of sessions. Those sessions might be two or three weeks apart, or even a month or two apart, depending on the area being treated and the extensiveness of the hair growth. They may need to be continued over a period of several months.

Permanent Removal of All Hair is Unlikely

Not all hair follicles are going to be completely destroyed by the treatments. Although, those that are still functional may not produce hairs as quickly. They may even seem to stop growing any hair at all for a long time after treatment, only to start up again at a later day. But those new hairs shouldn’t be as dark or coarse as the previous hairs. Even so, you may have to occasionally shave the area, or you may choose to have more cosmetic hair removal procedures.

Hair Removal Treatments Are Not as Limited as Other Laser Treatments

Many laser hair treatments are limited to a person’s face, but that isn’t the case with removing hair. In fact, almost any part of your body that has hair can be treated by laser equipment. The only major exception is that lasers can’t be used to treat hairs that grow inside your ears or nose. Although, you should always talk with your technician ahead of time to see what their recommendations are.

Almost Anyone Can Undergo This Process

One last thing to keep in mind is that this process works for almost anyone. It doesn’t make any difference what your skin color is. Although, having darker skin or lighter hair can make the process a bit more difficult. In fact, you might need to take some extra time to look for clinics with more specialized laser devices. But, once you find the right clinic, you should be able to enjoy some great results.

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