My teens are so into their social media accounts and you’ll see them buried in their phones, the tablet or my laptop! As a mom and one who’s very aware of the horrors and dangers online I searched for a way to be able to have some awareness and control over what they do when they’re on the web. I found the perfect app and if you want to keep track of your teen the Dinnertime Plus App is your best bet.

For now it’s only available on Android but I’m keeping tabs for their Apple release (hopefully they have one). It’s incredibly user-friendly and has the functions I’ve been looking for. If you’re a parent and an iPhone user, no worries. You can still keep tabs using your iPhone as the parental phone. They aren’t able to implement the monitoring and control features for iPad or iPhone (if this is your child’s device) because of the restrictive way in which iOS is designed.

The set up was a bit tricky for me because I would be keeping track using my iPhone which is not sim enabled but I was able to figure a way around it. Just comment below if you need help with it.

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Once you have installed the app on both phones (don’t forget to enable the Device Admin Mode so your teen cannot delete the app), you can name the device, I’ve named mine Kianna Lenovo. You’re allowed up to 2 children’s devices. You can opt to have up to 5 devices when you make a one time in-app purchase of $3.99.

The app features include Dinner Time, Bed Time and Take a Break control options. I have been using the Bed Time and Take a Break options mostly. Before I had this app I would have to collect their phones before going to sleep. Now they can have their phones but they won’t be able to use it to chat or go on their social media accounts making sure they go to sleep.

I’ve set Bed Time hours (9:30pm to 6:00am) and what happens is the phone “takes a break” during the hours you have input. During the day, I can make their phones “take a break” if they need to do their homework or chores.

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Another feature is their Monitor option which you get in real time (need wifi for this). It lets me know if their phone is online or offline, the last several apps they used and the times they used them and a premium feature Reports is also available wherein you get detailed device usage reporting. In the time limit option you can set the time limit of minutes or hours per day they can use their phone. When your child opens the app on their phone that is what they will see, the time left they have to use the apps on their phone.

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Now, you might be asking, when their phone “takes a break” can they still text or call? They can still make calls and receive calls as the app identifies the Phone feature on all phones to make sure it keeps running. Under the Apps tab you can also choose the apps that run even when their phone is on “take a break”.

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Download Dinnertime Plus!

Dinnertime Plus for Parents and Kids on ANDROID

Dinnertime Plus for Parents on iPHONE

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