Board games seem to be a thing of the past… Sad but true. It’s not as popular as it once was. Growing up I played all kinds of board games but my favorites were Monopoly and Clue. Today though, there’s an online board game called Just Roll It. This game can be played on your computer with groups of 4 players as a free for all individual game or you can team up and play as teams of 2.

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The aim of the game is to build a real estate empire which would require you to travel the world and buy properties to amass your fortune. What makes it unique is that each character has a special ability which can help you manipulate dice rolls or give you a lucky opportunities.

Players can create a Room and customize the Game Mode, number of members and select their map.

The user interface gives you many game options from player information to chatting with other players. It’s an educational game as well as you get to learn about the different places you travel as you acquire property. I love the dice rolls and you can choose what you want. I like the Rainbow dice myself.

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The character cards are both fun and diverse. You can choose from 8 characters. You’ve got retired ball player Hernandez, Stewardess Katrina, Bartender Steve, Financial prodigy Susie, Mystery girl Jennifer, Delivery boy Carl, Troublemaker Dennis and Tennis champ Miranda.

The intricacies of the game allow you to purchase spaces and build villas, buildings, hotels and landmarks. You can charge rent when other players land on your space. It’s similar to my favorite game but with Just Roll It you can actually get a chance to win at least Php1000 daily from a monthly pool of Php200,000! This also qualifies you to join a weekly and monthly raffle for 3 months for a chance at Php1,000,000.00!

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Download the game here.

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