From the meaning pests- a destructive insect or annoying thing- you know how hard it can be to keep those pesky insects away. Always on the lookout for home pest solutions, it seems like an unending task of keeping them at bay. My afternoon with Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Jardine Distribution was both informative and enjoyable! We were introduced to Jardine Distribution’s new line of Home Pest Solutions.

Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI) is a leading multinational company distributing and marketing pest solutions products such as the commonly known, Solignum wood preservative. They have now launched their line of home pest products called Home Pest Solutions by Jardine Distributions.

“Pests in the home represent a threat to the health of the entire family. Some pests are carriers of serious diseases that can even be fatal, as in the case of dengue fever that is spread by the bite of the dengue virus-carrying mosquito. Exposure to mice and rats urine can cause leptospirosis.  Cockroaches bring with them bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even parasitic worms. Unfortunately, these pests easily make their nests in our homes. When we see just one rat or one cockroach, it means there could be dozens of them in our house, hidden from sight. Parents are understandably concerned for the entire family’s health and so they are looking for solutions that will help them get rid of these dangerous pests,” said Peachy C. Tiu, Marketing Manager of Jardine Distribution, Inc.

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Our luncheon was at Kimpura at Trinoma where we dined over a selection of Japanese dishes and had a discussion about pests. Yes, pests. Mommies are pretty much made of steel being used to changing diapers and having to take care of everything imaginable when it comes to kids so a discussion about insects, cockroaches and mice was tolerable.

We are very much aware of the different home pest brands available but what was interesting was how these home pest solutions by Jardine were presented. Jardine Home Pest Solutions by JDI include Klerat Single Feed Rodenticide; Optigard Roach and Ant Bait; and ZAP aerosol insecticide which comes in multi-insect and cockroach, killer variants.

“Safety is a top priority in our home pest products. When used regularly and properly according to the directions on their labels, Jardine Home Pest Solutions will eliminate home’s pest problems while also protecting the health of family members. With the expansion on the distribution of our Home Pest Solutions, we are happy that more households will enjoy the protection and safety it provides,” said Tiu

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The effectivity of these products have yet to be seen as it will take at least a couple of months to see just how successful it is. The explanation though of how these products work and how effective they are have me believing that it will do it’s job.

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ZAP AK (All-Knockdown) Mosquito Killer 

Dengue is a serious, sometimes fatal disease caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes. The dengue virus destroys our red blood cells and may cause high fever, rashes, headaches, and joint pains, and even internal hemorrhage. If it’s a severe case, dengue may even kill the patient.

I’m am such a stickler for making sure that there are no mosquitoes in my home. Jael has an extreme sensitivity to mosquito bites and they mark up his body which makes me enraged when I see those little buggers.

Here are some tips to ensuring a mosquito free home:

Eliminate breeding sites.  Get rid of any stagnant water in flower vases, basins, etc. Make sure that your water containers—drums, pails, etc.—are covered. Dispose of junk that may contain stagnant water, like old tires, and discarded plastic containers, for example.

General cleaning.  Mosquitoes are attracted to the junk that may have accumulated in your garage or any spare space in the house. Old newspapers, old toys, old shoes—all the things no longer used but allowed to stay in the house.  These serve as hiding places for dengue-mosquitoes.

Putting screens over windows and doors will prevent dengue mosquitoes from entering the house. I have screens up in my home and growing up this has always been the case.

ZAP AK (All-Knockdown) Mosquito Killer can eliminate any dengue mosquitoes that have entered. It knocks down and kills dengue mosquitoes faster than regular insect sprays and leaves no irritating smell. It is also water-based making it environment-friendly.

  • Longer Lasting- up to 3 months protection
  • Effective- 2-in- 1 attract and kill action
  • Value for money- more kill per application
  • Convenient- no mess and safe application

Klerat Rat and Mice Killer 

Klerat Rat and Mice Killer is rodent bait that kills more in less feeding.  It is the only rodenticide in the market that can kill both rats and mice in one feeding.  Surprisingly, other advertised brands cannot do the same. Check their labels to see the difference!

Only less than 3 grams of Klerat is needed for a 250gram of rat to get killed.  Klerat’s 25g pellet tray pack can kill up to 9 rats. It comes in two forms—wax block and pellet. Klerat Pellet is recommended for indoor use while Klerat Wax Block is recommended for outdoor use, because it can stand wet and moisture. It can also be nailed or tied to make sure it will stay in one place.

Optigard Ant Bait

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Ants have been a problem in my house lately, black ants that is. There are hundreds of ant species in the Philippines but households usually get invaded by three types of ants : the black garden ant, the brown Pharaoh ant, and the tropical fire ant.

Ant bites are not only painful but can cause swelling or even rashes. There are ants, like the tropical fire ant, that sting and inject venom. These are more dangerous; people who are allergic to ant venom may need emergency treatment. Depending on its severity, an allergic reaction to ant venom can be fatal. Jael gets a big swelling when bitten by red ants and it’s also another reason I detest them.

There didn’t seem to be a way to rid my home of these ants until I found out about Optigard Ant Bait. It contains thiamethoxam, a powerful ingredient that both attracts and kills ants at the same time, eliminating ant infestation for up to 3 months. Optigard Ant Bait has dual action – first, it attracts ants so they take the bait. Second, the ants exposed to the bait bring it back to their nests. This will expose more ants in the nest to the bait’s killing action, including the colony’s queen.

It comes in a colorless gel form, so there’s no staining or dripping. The gel is contained in a syringe applicator. All that we have to do is push the syringe to apply the gel to target areas in the home. It’s best to apply Optigard Ant Bait in areas where you observe ants frequently passing through.

  • Longer Lasting- up to 3 months protection
  • Effective- 2-in- 1 attract and kill action
  • Value for money- more kill per application
  • Convenient- no mess and safe application

Home Pest Solutions by JDI  are now available in Rustan’s Supermarkets, Wellcome Supermarket, and Shopwise SuperCenters. These products are also available in Ace, Citi and Wilcon Hardwares and selected supermarkets, pharmacies and groceries in Cebu, such as Gaisano Grand, Gaisano Country Mall, Prince Warehouse, White Gold, Rose Pharmacy, and others.  For more information, visit their website.


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