We moms, are always on the lookout for safe and healthy products for our kids especially when it comes to their body, hair, teeth and more so what about their clothes? Tiny Buds has come up with laundry powder, laundry wash and fabric softener to meet these needs. I wish this was available back then!

When Jael was about a year old his pediatrician told us he had an allergy to the laundry powder we were using so we had to use a separate gentle wash for him. We switched to something gentler but we didn’t have an option for baby wash at the time.

With Tiny Bud’s new offering, mothers today can wash baby’s clothes the safe way with a gently formulated wash. Made from mild and natural ingredients, your baby’s clothes will be clean without harming their delicate skin.

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Tiny Buds Natural Laundry Products is developed from a natural plant base that rinses away easily in water and leaves little to no residue on clothing. Moms are also assured that they are free from artificial coloring, strong fragrances, harsh chemical additives and fillers.

Tiny Bud’s natural formulation is mild enough that the laundry water will not harm plants and the environment. It’s color-safe and recommended by pediatricians for washing cloth diapers!

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Lorina from the Tiny Buds team shares: “Ever since we introduced Tiny Buds, we have received so many inquiries asking if we also have a laundry item. We believe moms have come to trust our sincere commitment to producing all-natural baby products that they trust we can provide a laundry wash that would be safer to use on their babies’ clothes.”

Jael loves Tiny Buds’ tooth gel and their rice baby powder and baby wipes are the best!

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The new Tiny Buds Natural Laundry Line for Babies: Natural Laundry Powder for Babies, Natural Liquid Laundry Wash for Babies, and Natural Fabric Softener for Babies is now available in leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

To find out more about Tiny Buds’ other natural baby care products, follow Tiny Buds on Facebook and Instagram @tinybudsbaby. Moms can also visit the website or e-mail all inquiries, and sample requests to tinybuds.website@gmail.com.

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