When I first became a mom I was pretty much alone on the journey. I wasn’t seeing much of my mom and was living away from home with my hubby. Hubby would go off to work and I would stay home. Looking back it was pretty difficult times but slowly things started to get better. I moved closer to my mom and my brother and slowly I was forming a support group through my family and friends who I trusted to help me make decisions and sometimes to just have them to lean on.

Raising my 2 eldest who were a year apart, I would seek advice from my mom and fellow mommy friends. I would also read up on parenting techniques and visit forums to learn about a certain product I was interested in trying for the kids.

It can be difficult to know what’s best for your child but through recommendations from the people I trust and who offer their opinions and suggestions it’s reassuring. Life is a lot easier when you have people you can turn to for advice from what to do to the best brands you can trust.

When you’re raising children your world at first will mostly revolve around milk, diapers, healthy food and clean water. My mom is a stickler for clean water. I grew up never drinking from the tap and so I grew sensitivity to non distilled water. I can remember when I made a visit with hubby to his province (pre-motherhood) and drank water from the tap. It was a rough night and that’s all I’ll tell you!

That’s why clean water is very important to me. My husband who grew up drinking tap water now also has a weak stomach when drinking it.

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Wilkins Distilled Water was one of the brands I trusted most for my kids. After I had breastfed them and started to give them growing up milk I only used Wilkins. They have been a trusted name in water brands and it was the only water I would give to my kids knowing that it was clean and safe to drink.

Owned by The Coca Cola Company, they have heavily invested and made it their top priority to make sure that we have clean safe water to drink. Following an international control system, they use state of the art equipment and packaging. You can easily distinguish them from other water brands. It’s most trusted by moms and prescribed by pediatricians.

They have taken the safety and reassurance that they give to moms like me a step further by creating a Circle of Trust where we moms, can turn to when we have questions and concerns. I’m getting great tips on their Facebook page that are centered on children and their positive growth. It’s not every day you see a brand being as pro-active as Wilkins when it comes to your family’s health.

You’re not alone in your search for what’s best for your child. Many moms have turned to support groups such as the #‎WilkinsCircleofTrust‬, where you’re assured of the tried and tested theories and helpful tips.

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