Normally, I don’t like to announce my birthdayΒ and I’m probably one of the few people that don’t get many greetings on Facebook! However, this year I’d like to celebrate it with a birthday giveaway and give back to those who have helped Art of Being a Mom grow.

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Cake from Love Desserts

I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to do something I love, blogging, events and meeting new people. Turning 36 (oh my!) this year, I seriously feel older but nonetheless wiser. Birthdays always have a way of getting meΒ even just the tiniest bit. Most years it seems to be an ordinary day and the most important thing for me is spending it with those I love.

The one word to describe what I’m feeling as I hit 36 is that I’m grateful. Grateful for my good fortune to be a work at home mom, grateful to be able to provide, grateful that the kids are healthy, grateful that I have been able to experience new places, food and activities and to be able to do it with family and friends. Definitely, blogging has been a part of that.

How else, would I get to take a trip to Vigan, be featured in a magazine, be on TV, experience a staycation, eat various cuisines and so much more? So this is my way of thanking you for your continued support, your taking time to read my ramblings, and being there whether I write about books I’ve read or places I’ve visited.

Special thanks to my co-admins, Lanie & Joy at Mommy Bloggers Philippines where I not only found friendship but have also gotten so many opportunities as well.

This will just be the first of a few giveaways I have planned. For this giveaway I’d like to share some items I received from related events. There’ll be one winner for all these items. Thanks for joining my birthday giveaway and good luck!

Claire’s accessories from Total Girl Model Academy 2015


Diva Kikay Pack & Foot Secret Gift Certificates from Diva High Heeled Warriors Talks

Diva pic

Foot Secret

Nature’s Republic Beauty Products from Mommy Bloggers Philippines Photography Workshop

Nature Republic

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stay tuned for the next birthday giveaway!

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