It’s only been a week since Jael has started his Nutri10 syrup vitamins and despite this short time I’ve already seen an increase in his appetite and if he was energized before he’s more energized than ever. Now he asks for food and gets snacks on his own whereas just a few weeks ago it was difficult to get him to eat a plateful of food. Sometimes he even asks for a second serving which is so unusual.

He’s still picky about what kind of food he eats but as long as his daddy cooked it he’ll eat it. I have a smile on my face when he says “I want to eat what daddy cooked.”

nutri10 syrup vitamins

I’m excited for him to start going to school and making his baon because now I know he’ll definitely eat it. He’ll also be active and energized for his classes and of course, play time!

I already see such a difference in his face and body. Below you’ll see him eating halo halo a couple of months ago and sadly he only had a couple of bites before he was already full.

2015-04-04 15.20.06

He faithfully drinks his Nutri10 Syrup vitamins and actually asks me for his daily dose. It’s a big turnaround from when I had to struggle to gt him to drink his medicine.

2015-05-25 10.50.20

Nutri10 Syrup vitamins is available in leading drugstores at php160/120ml bottle.

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