With the many opportunities that have come my way via blogging, being asked to be a guest speaker at the DIVA Channel High Heeled Warriors Talk is at the top of my list of exciting moments. As much as I am a mother and wife I’m profoundly a woman who is motivated by family. Women are so diverse and it was from this that DIVA was inspired to determine the personalities that make up a woman. From this they discovered just how unique we are!

 The High Heeled Warrior Talks is the perfect opportunity for women to engage in a dialogue which will hopefully inspire and empower more women. I’m honored to be alongside my co-admins of Mommy Bloggers Philippines and good friends, Lanie Lluch and Joy Gurtiza.

As “Heartwarmers” we’ll be sharing our love for family, our experiences and the journey of motherhood.


There’s much in store, aside from the talks, we’ll have some activities and goodies! Watch the TVC currently airing on the DIVA Channel:

See you all at the Power Plant Mall on June 13 at 3pm!

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