Mom’s have ways they show their love and ways that they do things. Growing up you think that it’s weird. At least I did, then I realized that it’s just the way that she is. Here’s a funny and endearing video for Mothers Day from Jollibee, #BeedaSiNanay that had me laughing and remembering my mom and her weird ways that I salute today!

I’m sure you’ll find yourself laughing and saying “That’s my mom!” at the same time. Fun fact: the actors in the video are real life mom and son. Watch for that moment when the son is wearing a teddy bear shirt and is realizing just how unique his mom is. I had a moment like that…

It’s never too late to show your mom just how much you love her and thank her for all the life lessons she has taught you. Celebrate Mother’s Day with Jollibee and enjoy their #ChickenjoyAffordalicious.


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