We learned the hard way we couldn’t yet it was so much fun trying to break out. I had been hearing about this escape room game for quite awhile now and I was excited to try it with Bastian. I’m a zombie apocalypse fan and I like challenging games.

Breakout Philippines has made it so that you are immersed in a realistic setting that will challenge you both emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically. Don’t worry there’s no heavy lifting or any actual physical exertion but you will do some searching.

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The success of an escape room game is the secrecy that shrouds it. Breakout Philippines is proud to say that their rooms have been carefully kept under wraps. If you try and Google the rooms and clues you’ll turn up empty handed.

At Breakout Philippines you have 5 rooms to choose from- Room 13, The Heist, Limbo, Outbreak Manila, and Prison Room. We went for of course, Outbreak Manila: Adarna’s Lair which involves a zombie outbreak. Unfortunately, I can’t share more than that BUT our experience made us want to come back for more. You get hooked trying to figure it out and the good thing is they offer a lifetime membership card wherein you pay a one time fee of Php500. You can keep going back and solve all the rooms!

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Their rates are reasonably priced for this one of a kind experience. In essence you’re paying to scare yourself but don’t we do that with movies and TV? It’s just one step up in an actual setting.

For 1-2 persons: Php600/person

For 3-4 persons: Php500/person

For 5 or more persons: Php400/person

After your session you get your picture taken and it’s labelled whether you were able to break out or you’re trapped forever. For those who were able to breakout you go up on their wall of legends.


Thank you Breakout Philippines! We had a blast!

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