I love spreading blogger love! Wait, that doesn’t sound right.. What I mean is, I love getting to know fellow bloggers and interacting with them through events and especially on my blog. Foodpanda has come up with an excellent contest that does just that. My fellow mommy blogger, Lani Lluch of Tweenselmom nominated me.

Going into blogging at first was a lonely start. I went into it for the writing and to just share my experiences. Then I started to get invites to events and product reviews. When I would attend events I would get to meet fellow bloggers but it still seemed a lonely journey. It wasn’t until I met Lani who founded Mommy Bloggers Philippines, at an event that I started to feel like blogging can actually be a place where I can find friendship and new experiences.

I’m super thankful that I’ve found a friend in Lani who is such a unique person. The fact that she thought to start a mommy group, is such an achievement and I definitely admire her. I also respect her love for her family always putting them first before anything. Most of all I love her humor. She cracks me up and it’s never boring. Rather than running out of things to talk about we run out of time. I feel like I’ve known her for a long time because I’m so comfortable with her and trust her knowing that she has a pure heart.

Thank you for the nomination Lani! Here are my answers to your questions.

1. How do you manage your time as a work at home mom and as a blogger?

It’s a real balancing act and to be honest with all these balls up in the air I do sometimes drop one. I try my best to meet the needs of my family first then my work then as a blogger. I have a full time and part time job both as virtual assistants and luckily I have the nicest bosses anyone could ever have. I love both my jobs and enjoy what I do. I think my being able to be a WAHM and blogger is because of the support of my family. Without my husband’s understanding my late nights and my children helping at home and with our youngest it wouldn’t be possible.

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2. What ticks you off when you blog?

Nothing really ticks me off but I guess I do get bothered by a few things. On my own blog, I get bothered when I’m feeling an inspiration or creativity drought. I wish I had more time to write and concentrate on my blog. However, my whole purpose of blogging was to share my family’s adventures so I need to go make sure that we have those!

3. What are your future plans in your blog?

I have so many plans and not enough time! Slowly though, I’m getting there. I’ve been very thankful to be a part of Mommy Bloggers Philippines especially becoming friends with you, Lani and Joy who I’ll be nominating!


Now, it’s time for me to throw a few questions at my friend and fellow mommy blogger Joy Gurtiza for my entry in Foodpanda’s Give One Get One contest.

I’m really amazed by Joy’s energy, intellect and good heart. When I first met her she was introduced as being a mommy of 4. My first thought was 4 kids? She didn’t look like a mommy of four let me tell you that. Through happenstance our friendship grew and I see the dedication and commitment she puts into everything she does. an all around woman- mother, work at home mom, cook, photographer, fitness and health enthusiast and so much more! I love being friends with her!

1. You are such a well rounded person and I’m truly enamored with how you pursue your interests and yet have enough time for your family and being a work at home mom. How do you do it??? 2. Because I know you love to cook, what was your very first successful dish and who did you make it for? 3. Where do you see yourself and your blog 3 years from now? Thanks Foodpanda for the awesome contest! give-one-get-one-badge-pizza

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