Ever since I became a mom I never leave the house without my bag. Pre-mom days I left the house with nothing but cash in my pocket. Nowadays, that’s just not possible especially since I have a 4 year old that requires, tissues, wipes and all sorts of things. I’m also finding that I need all sorts of items to function when I’m out. Hence, my must haves for a stylish and functional bag.

Milaflor stripes 1

What exactly do I look for in a bag?

I always use bags that have many pockets. I need a pocket for my phones, one for the alcohol/sanitizer I always bring and one for my keys. I also need lots of space for the pouch I bring which contains my super simple makeup items. Basically foundation, sunscreen, blush, lip gloss. I also need to have my lotion, comb and perfume.

Never would I leave the house without tissue and wipes. I also need space for my bulging wallet. Not because I have tons of cash but because I have many coupons and discount cards and vouchers I bring everywhere just in case I’m at a place where I can use them. Literally I feel like I’m carrying a huge rock but no complaints here.

Do you like changing bags? It’s a big hassle no doubt but sometimes necessary. I love to use all kinds of bags, be it shoulder, sling, etc. My wardrobe is very simple so my bags are usually what dress me up.

Martha floral 1

I recently learned about a new bag source, Sunshine & Citrus. This new brand is owned by student-entrepreneur, Gabby Suzara, and manufactured by Donna Mendiola-Gaddi. Their bag styles are fit for all kinds of women, from young, carefree teenagers, young professionals, to mothers like me.

Sunshine & Citrus is now offering an opportunity to start your own bag business. For only Php 5,000, you can get 15 pieces of bags (Choose among Ady, Martha, Milaflor, and Andrea bags) that you can use to start your own business! Interested parties can get in touch with Sunshine & Citrus at 0916 7730171 or email sunshine.citrus_est2014@yahoo.com.ph

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