I am so thrilled that we finally had a date night! Oliver and I haven’t been out just the two of us in a long while on like an actual date. When I was invited to attend the PLDT Home Movie Screening for Into the Woods it was an instant yes and thankfully there wasn’t any cajoling needed to get Oliver to come with me.

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PLDT Home introduced the Fam Cam, the newest feature which works with a DSL plan and Telpad. I have a Fam Cam myself and I’m a big fan of the technology that PLDT has made accessible for homeowners such as myself who are looking for security and peace of mind. With the PLDT Home Fam Cam you can watch over your family from anywhere with the Telpad. You can learn more about my experience with the Fam Cam here.

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I had been seeing Into the Woods on Facebook and thought it might be the same as Maleficent. Oliver and I were in for a surprise when it turned out to be a musical. I’m not a huge fan of musicals but if it’s good I’ll definitely watch it. Oliver on the other hand does not like musicals. So I did a slow turn towards him in my seat to see his reaction and he just laughed.

It was a very interesting start to the movie and I really liked the idea of different fairy tales all colliding into one movie. I liked the premise and with all the major stars it seemed worthy. If you’re not yet aware of the story line it’s a musical that has a childless couple looking for items from well known fairy tale characters so that they may lift the curse placed on them by an evil terrible witch.

Every character sings and it was endearing at first but truth be told it was a little bit dragging especially when I thought it had already ended. It seemed to stretch unnecessarily and it wasn’t for any want on the part of the actors but it just seemed like the singing was too much. Is that possible for a musical?

With a blockbuster cast such as this expectations might have been high and it was at best met halfway. I felt a little off when Johnny Depp as the big bad wolf sang to Litle Red Riding Hood. It seemed to scream child danger if you know what I mean. I’ve read an interesting article about the origins of fairy tales and Little Red Riding Hood was said to be a story of pedophilia so when I was watching it that particular scene may have had a different interpretation. Did anybody think the same thing?

One moment in the movie that made a deep impression on me was when the witch was singing to her daughter about how no matter what a parent does a child will not see that everything they do is for them. I know in this case the witches intentions were one of exaggeration. However, the essence of the song, Stay With Me rang so true.

Thanks to PLDT Home and Nuffnang for inviting me to this special screening! Looking forward to more!

pldt home dsl telpad fam cam into the woods rockwell art of being a mom www.artofbeingamom.com 04

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