When it comes to fashion and comfort I like the two to go hand in hand. I’m not the kind of woman who will sacrifice her comfort to look good but that’s just me. I never understood why women would go through excruciating pain wearing shoes that were killing their feet. You’ll probably notice that about me if you’ve read some of my posts and seen my pictures. My footwear doesn’t change much. Comfort is key and now I’ve learned there’s another shoe brand that brings exactly that to women like me. Mishka Shoes is a local brand and proudly Philippine made.

Caitlin Foldable Ballet Flats in Tan

They have shoes for practically every lifestyle and what’s best is they’re foldable for practical moms like me. If I have to attend semi formal events I’ll always bring my comfy shoes and  foldable ones are the best. They take up very little space in your bag. Mishka separates itself from other brands because their shoes don’t bend upwards when not worn which I’ve noticed with other foldable shoe brands.

mishka shoes

Mishka Shoes is currently available in Landmark Makati located at the 2nd floor of Shoe Section. They are also available in different bazaar events around the Metro.

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