If you need a place where you can search, rate and share about food you’ve tried and restaurants you’ve visited then Zomato is the place for you. It’s a place where you can find honest reviews, drool worthy pictures and even food prices for places to eat. Menus are scanned and updated.

There are many websites you can visit to find food reviews but what makes Zomato unique is that when you have an account it’s universal. If you live in the Philippines but recently visited say Hong Kong and tried a restaurant there you can easily review that specific restaurant. I love that you can bookmark restaurants and include restauarnts visited to a Been There list. If you’re a foodie buff this is a great way to keep track of all the places you visited and it becomes your online food journal.


Photo by Joy Gurtiza

Currently, Zomato is already in 19 countries and counting. Everyday restaurants are being added and they make sure they add restaurants that have passed their own qualifiers making sure that users have a better experience.

When I want to check out places to eat I always go to Zomato because I’ll see the prices, actual food photos and opinions. Searching on Zomato is so much easier because you can specify locations and refine your search from Dine Out Restos to Fine Dining.

A definite must see on their site are their collections. They make it easy for you by presenting different collections per week such as Best Cupcakes or Kid Friendly. They also have a collection on food that are trending in their Trending This Week collection.

If you have any friends on Zomato you can follow each other and share reviews. I get a thrill seeing that so many people have read my reviews.

zomato food collage

Zomato also has an app  and you can easily find restos and bookmark on it as well. If you’re a blogger like me you can add their widget to your site.

Create your own food journey on Zomato by signing up for an account here

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