How many times have you found yourself trying to catch a waiter’s/waitress’ eye for the bill? What about when you need something like more water or extra napkins? When a place you’re dining at is hopping and the wait staff busy it can get a little annoying especially if you need to leave right away or have a major spill. The answer to these problems is the Vellux Calling System for restaurants. It seems so simple when you think about it but surprisingly it’s not present in all dining establishments.

At our yearly dinner with my boss, Phil and his wife, Diana she told me about the Vellux Calling System which was being used at a restaurant that they dined at in Makati. A simple press of a button made things so much easier. She was kind enough to share pictures with me so I can share them with you.

vellux wireless calling system art of being a mom 03

Vellux has 3 kinds of systems, Transmitter, Call Bell and Hand Pager.

The Call Bell as seen below gives options to call the waiter and to request for the bill. How handy is that? We recently ate at Holy Cow in Mall of Asia and for such a small place we had a difficult time catching the waiter’s eye. This system instantly popped into mind.

A system like this would also make it so that conversations need not be interrupted by trying to call a waiter or waitress.

vellux wireless calling system art of being a mom 01

If a calling system for restaurants such as this were in place in all dining establishments, maybe efficiency would improve and wait times reduced. Hopefully, some day soon this becomes a requirement. It’ll make us diners have a much easier time.

 This is not a sponsored post. I’m just really interested in the idea. 🙂

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