It’s always a pretty good experience ordering through Foodpanda. Convenient food delivery is tops on our list and Foodpanda fits the bill. This time around we decided to try Pancit Malabon. I enjoy a good serving of pansit malabon. I especially love the toppings.

I like that Foodpanda sets my expectation when it comes to delivery times. having ordered through Foodpanda a few times I’m well aware of giving an hour’s allowance when ordering.


Pancit Malabon is a family favorite especially when you have toppings like this!


Iv’e tried quite a few variations of pancit malabon and this is pretty good. We ordered their bilao for 5 persons at Php300.00. Not bad.


Ordering through Foodpanda is quick and easy. Once you register for an account your default address is your delivery address so no need to keep filling out online forms. There are only certain restaurants though per area that can be delivered from.

Some have a minimum amount to order and the delivery charge varies. You can pay online or cash on delivery which is my preference.

Another assurance that your order has been processed is that you get an email, a text or even a call confirming what your ordered. This has been the instance in my case each time I’ve ordered.

order success

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