Here’s another find! Jael has sensitive skin and I’m always on the look out for an anti mosquito repellant. Included in my Sansfluo giveaway from the Mommy Bloggers Philippines event was this Mosquito Away from Health Amendments My Baby line.

Lately I’ve been focusing on products that are made the least possible harmful chemicals. With Mosquito Away, there’s no harmful ingredients such as deet or paraben which can be found in some repellents. I know for a fact that Citronella plays a big part in keeping mosquitos away and this has 3% of it.

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As much as possible I use safe and lasting repellents and Mosquito Away can keep those pesky insects at bay for 10 hours.

Unlike other repellents though, this is a cream and the smell is not overpowering. Jael hasn’t had one bite since I started using it.

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