Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby is a classic novel of desperation, a degree of triumph and loss. I myself, haven’t read the book but it’s on my list.

Bastian happened to watch the The Great Gatsby 2013 movie release starring Leonardo Di Caprio and I was curious as to what his thoughts were on the movie.


What did you think of the movie?

Very, very, very different from normal movies of today. I liked it because of the story and how much Gatsby did for Daisy’s affections. Music from Beyonce was ok. I thought it fit.

Random thoughts on the movie

He had no friends and it showed me how people can be and how they don’t give a care in the world unless it’s about themselves.

Is this movie something you can relate to present day?

A lot of affairs can happen especially with modern communication. Not a lot of people have the determination Gatsby had. Today it’s almost too easy to do anything. People give up easily nowadays.

What did you like about the Gatsby character?

I liked the way he talked and communicated. Hearing a sentence from him makes you want to hear more.

What did you learn from the movie?

With a bit of determination you can “almost” achieve anything.

Would you recommend to other kids your age?

Yes, but it’s hard to understand because you have to be on point with watching it. Normally, people today miss out on the details that really explain the details of a movie. Things just happen because they happen.

So, that’s the take of a teen on this modernized classic remake.


My thoughts on the movie?

Having not read the book yet, I can only give a stand alone opinion on the movie itself. I thought it was engaging enough. You could tell from the start it was going to be a tragic end but what F. Scott Fitzgerald book isn’t right?

I didn’t appreciate the Beyonce music incoportaion. I think they were trying for a Romeo and Juliet take also played by Leonardo Di Caprio. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as successful as that. I mean, the movie seemed so epic and grand going into so much detail with the authenticity of the time period they should have just stuck to music from that era as well.

It was however, worth the watch in my opinion. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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