When we’re feeling a bit lazy and Oliver is late coming home we sometimes have food delivered. Food delivery online is incredibly convenient especially for a mom like me who doesn’t cook. I know, I know! What mom doesn’t cook? I may have many talents but cooking is not one of them. I readily accept that fact and I’m thankful that Oliver is a fantastic cook because then we would probably purely survive on food delivery and takeout or just fried food which is even worse.

I’d been hearing about Foodpanda and we decided to give it a try. The site is very easy to navigate. You start off by creating an account. Β Once you have verified your account you’ll be directed to their homepage. Foodpanda will ask your permission to use your computer’s location. This is to determine the area where the delivery will be made.

Below you’ll see where you’ll input your city and street. It’ll then pull up a list of restaurants that can deliver to your area. Of the choices that I had I instantly went for Chooks to Go. This is my husband’s favorite.

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We chose the food we wanted and it shows you the delivery time and fee. If you’ve chosen a restaurant that’s closed at the moment you’re ordering it also let’s you know.

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After choosing your items, you’ll just need to fill out your details. This is only done initially. Once you have indicated an address it becomes the default delivery address. You can choose to pay online or do cash on delivery.

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Once your order has been processed through the site you’ll get a call a few minutes after confirming your order.

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Our experience with Foodpanda went quite well. Our delivery was more than the estimated time stated on the site but we knew it would be longer because Chooks to Go is really popular. Register and get an account so you can check out what restaurants you can order from.


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