We found ourselves at Chelsea Grand Cafe one Saturday morning and we decided to have breakfast before our adventure at The Mind Museum. We practically opened the place and were one of the first few to have breakfast.

The restaurant itself is very airy and comfortable. The inside is a mix of eclectic items that remind you of being in a country home and at the same time a modern cafe.


There’s plenty of eye candy decor wise with framed pictures, trinkets and kitchen goodies.


grand-cafe-chelsea interior

We ordered a light breakfast as we planned on having a heavy lunch. Jael was excited for the day ahead.


Seasonal Fresh Fruit, Toast, Butter, and Fruit Jam


We chose from the Big Plate Breakfast offerings which came with bread and fruits. The bread was a bit tough but the fruits were good. Jael liked the papaya.

A New York “Minute” (Php395)

grand-cafe-chelsea-minute steak hashbrowns eggs

The Minute Steak was quite heavy. I love meat and this was just right for me. Not too tough and not too tender. Their homemade hash browns are crispy and a tad oily. We requested for scrambled eggs which were a bit dry but Jael ate this and liked it.

We also ordered a side of bacon. (Php150)


Admittedly, it’s quite pricey and I was expecting more in terms of quality. This is only one dish though and as we were leaving the place was filling up so it may have just been the particular dish that we ordered. My mom said that it might have been first in first out perhaps as the reason for the bread being as tough as it was.


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