How healthy are you? Most likely your sense of well being is told by how heavy you are. However, wellness covers more than just the physical. It covers the nutritional, medical, lifestyle, psychological, vice, and sex aspect as well. All these should be taken into consideration when gauging our wellness.

As a work at home mom you would think wellness would be easier to have and maintain. Having worked at home for 3 years I’ve come across obstacles in keeping myself healthy and happy.

I was introduced to a Wellness Index done by a Top HMO provider in the Philippines, PhilCare, which brought about many realizations. Our perception of what is healthy varies. One person may think that eating fruits and vegetables will give them what they need to be and stay healthy. Another person may exercise yet eat unhealthy food and think that they’re healthy.

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Another fact is that we tend to take our health more seriously after we have been sick. Most of us are not consciously providing a change within ourselves to commit to being healthy. I definitely belong to that group. It wasn’t until after I had my gallstones removed that I realized that I needed to take it upon myself to be more cautious of what I eat.

We’ve been lucky to have health cards that are on hand for us to use should we need to seek medical attention. Wellness however, is making sure you take care of all aspects of your life so that there would never be a need to use them.

I learned through a study done by PhilCare that 54% of the respondents believe their weight is ideal for their height and that 54% think they are in overall good health.

However, when respondents gave their actual height and weight, it appears that only 45% of them fit the normal category applying the Asian Body Mass Index range. About 46% are either overweight or obese, while another 8.6% fall below the average BMI.

Definitely, I don’t belong in the right weight range. I’ve been overweight since the birth of my youngest and it has been tough to get back to my ideal weight.

The good news though is that more than 85%—enjoy a good work-life balance. However, 41.1% of them admit experiencing stress slightly.

Since I started working at home and been able to adjust and find the right jobs for me I sleep better, eat a little better (!) and I’m happier all around.

I received a wellness package that I’d like to share with you that we can use in our daily lives to add to our health routine.

philcare wellness index art of being a mom

Ideal products for taking of your body are organic soaps such as Oatmeal and Calamansi. To get skin back to healthy you can use a Seaweed Mask and Olive Oil Mist all natural, too. For inner health you can detoxify by drinking tea. A little exercise everyday makes a world of difference and a jump rope is a fast and easy way to work that into your daily routine.

When you consider your health and wellness I’m sure you’ll also take other aspects into consideration from now on. Here’s to happy healthy living!

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