The Mind Museum: Science Heaven

I’ve been wanting to bring my children to The Mind Museum for the longest time but either time would not allow or my budget just wouldn’t suffice.

When I attended Blogapalooza 2013 I joined the contest that The Mind Museum had and I was lucky enough to be one of the first 20 bloggers to post about them (read it here). I got 3 tickets which I put on the backburner for almost a year.

One fateful Saturday when ironically Blogapalooza 2014 was cancelled we decided to head on over to Fort Bonifacio and go to The Mind Museum.

I was a bit sad that day because my 2 older kids weren’t interested enough to go with us. I guess I put it off too long… So, it was just Jael and I with my mom who went on an adventure to what I would call Science Heaven at The Mind Museum.

Upon entering the museum you’ll be introduced to this friendly robot who tells you the rules of the museum and what you can expect. There are 5 Galleries to explore, Atom, Life, Earth, Universe and Technology.
mind museum art of being a mom 01

Straightaway I saw this huge chocolate bar and I just had to get a picture with it. There are many bigger than life sized replicas to scrutinize. It makes learning more fun for the kids and let’s admit excellent backdrops for the hundreds of pictures you’ll probably take. I sure did!

mind museum art of being a mom 03

We took our time around since we were planning to stay for most of the day with a quick lunch at Stacy’s that was right across the street. Jael was instantly attracted to everything around him. My mom and I also took our time taking in each exhibit and re-learning some things that were learnt too far back for me to even remember!

The Mind Museum is one of the most advanced in the Philippines and has over 250 hands-on interactive exhibits and Jael explored almost all of them.

mind museum art of being a mom 04

Here’s the famous hair-raising static ball which unfortunately, didn’t have much effect on Jael’s hair.

mind museum art of being a mom 05

A larger than life periodic table where Jael enjoyed touching almost every single element. Bastian would have liked this.

mind museum art of being a mom 07

DNA in a really huge form. I like this shot because of the colors and mystery.

mind museum art of being a mom 08

Jael navigated the body parts on this interactive display and I have to say it goes to the private parts so if you’re a little bit sensitive about that or are not prepared then probably talk to the kids first before trying it out.

mind museum art of being a mom 13

Jael was fascinated with the floating balls but mostly he just wanted to throw it around. My mom and I had to do a lot of catching!

mind museum art of being a mom 14

I was a bit creeped out with this exhibit for it’s realistic display especially of the woman you see kneeling. As I took a closer look I saw a baby wrapped in a blanket and that was just very curious. I looked at my mom and she said “Maybe she’s keeping her warm?” I don’t know…

mind museum art of being a mom 15

We of course, took shots with the epic T-Rex skeleton display. How awesome! There’s a flight of stairs for you to get higher up and take shots such as this.

mind museum art of being a mom 17

Oh my, this took me by surprise. It looks like an ordinary tunnel but it’s NOT! When Jael and I stepped into it I suddenly had a sensation of turning. It felt so real that when I turned back I was clutching Jael and the bar for fear of falling. I must’ve looked ridiculous! Good thing there were only a few people in the museum and my mom was the only witness.

mind museum art of being a mom 19

There are shows that you can check out and the attendants will let you know when one is about to come up. They have a custom built planetarium and a 3D mini-theater.

mind museum art of being a mom 25

Big-sized cubes for solving puzzles. What a fun game!

mind museum art of being a mom 26

Jael spent quite a lot of time at this Equilibrium pool table. Do you think I have a future Efren “Bata” Reyes?

mind museum art of being a mom 27

That’s my mom in the background. She was intrigued with the displays, too. Jael loves anything to do with dinosaurs and one of his favorite movies is Jurassic Park. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of him with this dinosaur footprint.

mind museum art of being a mom 30

Another one of Jael’s favorite exhibits is the Fossil Dig. He spent a great deal of time here. We were just a little bit concerned with the safety. If you notice the ropes tying off the area Jael tripped there twice and another little girl tripped there, too. If the ropes were meant to keep the kids out it won’t. Also, there’s no one there to supervise the kids so naturally they’ll venture into that area.

Suggestion: Maybe remove the ropes all together?

mind museum art of being a mom 31

After lunch we headed over to Science in the Park which was directly across from the museum. There’s a Jollibee there and it’s perfect for kids to play in as the parents eat. Of course, with adult supervision. There’s also dining options in the museum at the Mind Cafe.

The park has 4 main pockets, Water, Math, Music and Living.

mind museum art of being a mom 34

Jael loves the water and he enjoyed pulling this huge ring to try to make bubbles and this big “Nerf” gun as he calls it.

mind museum art of being a mom 36

I love seeing the pure joy when he has so much fun. He banged away at those drums and made all the noise he wanted.

mind museum art of being a mom 37

The park has a few slides and this was the highest and longest. The park is basically safe. There’s one slide that’s a little steep when climbing the stairs but as I mentioned it’s best to have adult supervision for the smaller ones.

mind museum art of being a mom 41

Overall, it was a very memorable day. I hope to come back soon with all 3 kids. It’s an eye-opening experience for kids and a 2nd run at education for adults.

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