Food safety is an important topic especially for moms. Most moms keep a watchful eye on the products they buy and I’m definitely one of them. It may be because of my mom’s own conscious effort. Proper packaging of chicken is something to consider and prioritize when making our trips to the grocery.

Sharing her thought’s on the matter is fellow mommy blogger Sara Tirona.


“Healthy eating “is the core of my family’s life.” reveals top mommy blogger Sara Tirona.  “It is more than just a tradition or a preferred combination of dishes, but a well-loved activity that “brings us together, a chance for us to catch up and bond.  It keeps my family strong, healthy, and energized.”

Her popular fashion lifestyle blog is which gets a monthly average of 54,100 unique visitors and is enjoying a still-growing membership of 2,564!   Sara’s day starts at 5 a.m. when she takes the kids to school; afterwards, it’s a whirlwind of activities that includes attending events, writing and posting articles, taking care of household chores, and working out at her Crossfit box.

She makes sure she spends quality time with her children though.  Meals – from breakfast, lunch, merienda, to dinner – become part of those memorable moments.

To make each dining activity truly special, Sara plans the menu and shops for the grocery items herself.  She cuts “junk food out of the equation and replaces it with fruits, yoghurt, muesli and granola bars instead. “Surprisingly my daughter prefers it. I also try to make sure that we have minimal saturated and trans fats in our diet and that most of everything we take is free-range and organic.”

Chicken is always one of the top-of-mind food choices of any family.  Sara buys her weekly supply from the grocery which she believes adheres “to stricter quality control and cleanliness standards.”  Applying the same high standards to the actual chicken, first she checks the packaging which must be sealed tightly.  Next on the list is odor and meat color; Sara specifically watches out for discoloration which is a giveaway that the meat is far from fresh and healthy.

One reason why Bounty Fresh Chicken remains on her list is their proper packaging which is visually appealing and its transparency assuring the customer that the food is clean, fresh, and hygienic.  Sara reveals, “Bounty Fresh Chicken always looks fresher than the others. Their products are always clean-looking and packaged nicely, like the way the First World does it.  They lessen my worries about cross-contamination and other things that might affect my family’s health and eating pleasure.”

She also explains why she deems the proper packaging of chicken  non-negotiable:  “Before a product ends up in the grocery, it passes through several different hands and environments. I like to be reassured that the chicken is properly protected before it lands in my freezer.”

The constant freshness and guaranteed cleanliness of Bounty Fresh Chicken has made them a staple in Sara’s shopping menu. She gladly recommends them to other mothers looking for nutritional value, excellent packaging, and quality food hygiene in their products. “Bounty Fresh Chicken and Eggs is the only brand of chicken I buy because of its consistent quality.”

The knowledge that they are eating food that is nutritious, clean, and safe adds greater pleasure to the family’s meal times, drawing them closer together.

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