You’ve probably been hearing about the newest department store to hit Fairview Terraces. I’ve been to Fairview Terraces Wellworth a few time since I live so close by. Admittedly, I was quite intimidated by the sleek design and let’s admit the upper class look.

I had an excellent opportunity to fully tour all the departments courtesy of an extended invite from Lani of Mommy Bloggers Philippines. We were a small group of bloggers and all lived in the area.

It was quite a tour where Ms Anna Macatangay, Marketing Assistant for Specialty Retailers showed us all the lovely items Fairview Terraces Wellworth has to offer. On our tour with her I saw quite a lot of finds and I’m looking forward to taking another personal tour!

Bills Payment Section and Cashier

This is imperative for me. I haven’t joined the bandwagon of paying bills online as somehow I feel more of an accomplishment physically paying them.

Their services also include gift cards, gift wrapping, alteration service, and a VIP lounge.
DSC01868 rs

DSC01871 rs

 Dressing Rooms

They have eco bags for Php79.99 and these are quite big.


Home Section

Everything you would ever need to fill your home is readily available at Wellworth. They have everything from furniture to candles.

Their appliance section is limited more to kitchen appliances but they do have some TVs and other entertainment items for sale.


DSC01886 rs


DSC01897 rs

DSC01887 rs

DSC01883 rs

DSC01877 rs

DSC01895 rs

I saw plenty of great deals such as this since Wellworth was on sale. Their sale items go up to 70% off and it’s not only on old stock items but nice new ones as well.

DSC01892 rs

DSC01891 rs


Wellworth’s “We Are Young”

“We Are Young” is Wellworth’s unique line of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.


Ms. Anna showed us one of their best selling items in their bag line. These bucket bags come in different candy colored hues.

DSC01924 rs

Women’s Clothing

I saw so many pieces that I wanted. They have casual to formal clothing.

DSC01960 rs

DSC01962 rs

Plus size section available. I got a great pair of pants there!

DSC01951 rs

DSC01967 rs

DSC01971 rs

We loved looking through all these elegant gowns and Kianna had a field day checking out gowns for the far-off prom. The mint green dress looks nice, huh?


DSC01916 rs

I’ve been wanting to buy a Spanx item for the longest time but it being so pricey I’ve put it off. Now, I can reconsider buying again because of this more affordable line from Spanx, Assets. It’s exclusive to Wellworth, though so you’ll have to drop by Fairview Terraces for now to check it out.

DSC01956 rs

DSC01947 rs

Men’s Clothing

DSC02031 rs

DSC02033 rs

DSC02032 rs

Sports Attire

DSC01929 rs

DSC01940 rs

Shoes Section

So many shoes to choose from. They carry a wide variety of brands so if you can’t find that pair you’ve been wanting to buy check them out at Wellworth.

DSC01939 rs

DSC01919 rs

DSC01995 rs

DSC02024 rs

Bags Section

Bags, bags and more bags. You might be noticing that Kianna keeps looking at mint green items. That’s her favorite color! I have to say it’s her color.

DSC01982 rs

DSC01977 rs

DSC02012 rs

Stationery & Gift Section

If you’re a stationery geek like me you’ll love this section. They have so many cute items.

DSC01932 rs

Accessories Section (watches, belts, etc)

DSC02028 rs

DSC01945 rs


You might get a bit tired from all that shopping so you’ll need a break. Have some cake or pie at Banapple located at the 2nd level.

DSC01974 rs

Toy Section

Toys galore, ladies and gentleman. Kids will have died and gone to toy heaven once they visit the Lower Ground Floor.

DSC02034 rs

DSC02036 rs

Children’s Clothing

I loved looking at the itty bitty clothing. That’s not to say that I’m even thinking of having another though! But, look how cute!

DSC02039 rs

DSC02042 rs

DSC02057 rs

DSC02061 rs

DSC02063 rs

Children’s Dressing Rooms

The wallpaper in the children’s dressing room is really pretty. It instantly catches your eye and really gives you the feeling that you’re surrounded by quality products.

DSC02069 rs

Children’s Shoes

DSC02058 rs

DSC02066 rs

Baby Needs

As you can see all your baby needs are readily available at Wellworth. It’s intimidating but guess what? The prices are at par with other malls. What’s great about Wellworth is that you get the fabulous ambiance and cleanliness along with it.

DSC02052 rs

DSC02040 rs

DSC02053 rs


DSC02050 rs

Wellworth’s Children’s Fair

Wellworth has only been open a few months but they have plenty in store.

For the month of September, they have The Amazing Children’s Fair.

DSC02081 rs

Megablocks free play activity is just one of the activities at The Amazing Children’ Fair. Check out Wellworth’s Facebook page for the schedule of activities.

DSC02064 rs

DSC02083 rs

Thanks to Wellworth, Ms Anna Macatangay, and Lani Lyutz for the invite!

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