I’m always on the lookout for mosquito protection. When I get bit it’s not just a dot but a big bump and Jael unfortunately has gotten the same effects of a mosquito bite only far worse because it’s not only the bite that swells but the entire area.

He was once bit on the hand and it swelled so much he was in pain. I especially hate it when he gets bit on the face.


To prevent this I always make sure that Jael has mosquito protection at all times even when he’s just at home. I also try to discover new products that will ensure that he’s always protected. It’s so perfect that Para Kito is now available in the Philippines as it’s an all natural way of providing protection from mosquitoes.

What’s the secret? Well, it has essential oils that repel mosquitoes therefore preventing the bites. The plant based essential oils are in a pellet that you can fit into a clip which you can attach anywhere. Each pellet gives you 24 hour protection for 15 days.

A clip comes with 2 pellets which means you have protection for 1 whole month. Afterwards, you can just buy refills to place in your clip.

DSC01159 rs

The clip comes in different colors. I prefer gray as it’s one of my faves but they also have black, camo, purple, red, and orange.

DSC01163 rs

The clip and pellets are waterproof. Pregnant women and children above 36 months can have these attached on their person. For children below 36 months it can be used in their surrounding area.

The pellets have what I believe is a citronella scent. It’s pretty strong at first but I don’t mind the smell, I actually like it and feel like the area around me is being protected because I can smell it surround me.

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You can attach the clip to your belt, your bag, or just hang it near you. If you want ultimate protection all day Para Kito also has bracelets so that you are protected even when you’re on the go.

I personally use it on my bag and hang it at home where Jael plays so he’s further protected.

DSC01179 rs

Good news! It’s also safe for travel and can be brought on planes.

DSC01171 rsThere’s no expense too great when it comes to our children’s health and well being.

Especially with the cases of dengue rising and with studies showing that these deadly mosquitoes are not just bound to certain areas we need to make sure we’re safe and protected 24 hours a day anywhere we go.

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Para Kito products are available on their website where you can order online. They’re also available at Toys R Us, Mothercare, Planet Sports and PCX stores in Metro Manila. You can also find them on Cudsly.

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