Amidst a plethora of dining fares is Livestock Restaurant and Bar located on Sgt Esguerra where their specialty is focused on one of my favorites, pork.

I was in for a day of indulgence pork wise with various pork specialty dishes lined up for us to try. Expect a relaxing ambiance, straightforward dishes and friendly service from the staff of Livestock.


The area is quite big accommodating a 200 seating capacity. There are tables and half booths to choose from or you can sit at the bar where a wide variety of alcoholic beverages are served.

There’s even cable TV for those dining alone (or wallowing in their sorrow with a hefty pork specialty dish!).

4-livestockIt’s simplistic in design but it does have its quirks with paintings such as this evolution of man gradually becoming a pork loving creature.


Livestock will be celebrating one year in September and will be showcasing more pork specialty dishes including more spicy dishes.


They offer Chef’s Specials monthly which are often beer matches. They had Angus Tapa which was a huge hit that customers were still ordering it after the month long promo had ended.

We started off with a refreshing and mouthwatering drink then appetizers then progressed to main dishes and had another refreshing drink.

Adobo & Kesong Puti Pizza

Sumptuous and interesting mix of flavors. The “adobo” flavor was somewhat hidden by all the cheese but it was very tasty.

DSC01346 rs

 Bacon & Egg Pizza

The eggs on this pizza were just too cute for words. These are quail eggs by the way and it worked well with the bacon and shitake and button mushrooms.

DSC01347 rs

 Seafood Laksa Soup

Spicy as soups go. Very flavorful.

DSC01353 rs

 Kangkong Sambal with Lechon

I really enjoyed this dish of kangkong and coconut with crackling pork belly toppings.

DSC01357 rs

Salted Egg Prawns

Very savory in a buttery salted egg sauce.

DSC01360 rs

Mushroom Pilaf Rice

This had just enough flavor but not so much as to over power the main dishes.

DSC01371 rs

Melts in Your Mouth Crispy Pata

This definitely melted in my mouth. It was so soft and tender. Just see how tender it really is by watching the video I’ve included of it being cut with a wooden stick.

DSC01368 rs

Livestock Crackling Pork Belly

Ah, deliciousness at it’s best. I was already floored by the Crispy Pata but I also found this tender crackling pork belly delectable.

DSC01364 rs

DSC01366 rs

Watermelon and Ripe Mango Shake

Between the two I enjoyed the Watermelon Shake more though both were delightful and made of real fruits, too!


Thank you so much to Chef Ching Magdangal Uy for inviting me and to Ma’am Tess for organizing this blogger meet up! Happy to have met more fellow bloggers!


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