I was in tech heaven! I’m not a tech junkie BUT I do like the ease and various opportunities that tech devices and gadgets have given me especially being an online worker.

I was at the CyberZone Tech Sale of The Year at SM North EDSA and got an eyeful of beautiful hardware being offered at discounted prices. Technology is an investment and this tech sale of the year has plenty to offer when it comes to hugely discounted prices and freebies. We’re not talking about ordinary freebies but free printers, accessories and more.

Well known and trusted brands were at the fair and what was great was you had the opportunity to try the gadgets and devices!

The CyberZone tech sale is going on until August 17 at SM North EDSA at the 4th level until 10pm.


DSC01219 rs


Check out that photobomber!

DSC01221 rs


DSC01229 rs


Would love love love to have one! Although, I know that it’s a special system and is harder in many ways but how can you go wrong with Apple?

DSC01235 rs


DSC01238 rs

Beats by Dr Dre

DSC01245 rs


DSC01248 rs

DSC01270 rs

Love this camera design!

DSC01275 rs


DSC01254 rs


DSC01258 rs


DSC01278 rs

I checked this out for awhile because as I work online file storage is very important and this was an interesting option.

Their Bargain Section features a mix of products at discounted prices for you to choose from.

DSC01231 rs

Check them out on their last day, August 17 at SM North EDSA Annex Level 4 until 10pm.

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