It was a pleasure to read this childrens ebook by New York Times bestselling author, Craig Bouchard which had me going on an adventure dating centuries back to the Renaissance period where The Adventures of Ai first began.

The story starts out from the point of view of an American man in Japan who meets a family that show him the protected secret of a centuries-old famous Japanese family. The adventures that Ai embarks on to reunite with her father are no ordinary adventures. Through every challenge and feat there is a lesson to be learned.

book_intro-imageThis childrens ebook is ideal for girls and boys aged 9-12. They will be immersed in History, Art, Mathematics, Geography and learn about Leonardo DaVinci and Albrecht Durer.

For children that love fantasy there are Magic Trees, Treasure and Monsters. It also explores the Zodiac symbols, Haiku, Classical Music, and the Pythagorean theory.

The Adventures of Ai is available for pre-order in Google Play Store and soon on iTunes, Kindle and Amazon.

Ai’s Adventure Games

World Charity Cup

Would you like to take an adventure just like Ai?

Join the competition to enter a global contest and compete against players from across the world. Participate in the first ever World Charity Cup and represent your country.

The charities in the country with the highest average player scores at the end of the competition will receive real treasure in the form of a cash contribution from the worldwide earnings of the game!

Ai’s Adventure Game Play

Ai’s Adventure Game Play is a single runner style game much like Temple Run and Minion Rush. In the bonus rounds, the game play changes from a single runner to flight mechanic allowing the player to soar along the scenic landscape with numerous opportunities for boosting points.

The basic goal of the game is to get as high of a score as possible and contribute your score to the country you are representing in the World Charity Cup. Every score counts!

Coming soon on the App Store and Google Play!

Giveaway Time

Two (2) winners will receive a free copy of the ebook The Adventures of Ai which will be publicly launched on July 16.

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