Dental hygiene is a must in our household. Even though I’m the primary decision maker when it comes to our household I also take into account my family’s preferences. I was given a chance to try these Swish Mouthwash products and I made it a family affair by asking them to try out the different flavors.

Swish Mouthwash is a Unilab product and is distinct for being alcohol-free. It has SureFresh which helps fight bad breath, plaque and gingivitis while giving you long-lasting fresh breath. Since it is alcohol-free, it’s safe and healthy even for diabetics, children above 6 years old and pregnant women.

 I was provided 3 flavors of mouthwash, a breath spray and even given a toothbrush and kits and bags.

DSC00824 rs

Swish Mouthwash currently has 6 refreshing flavors to choose from. The 3 that we got to try were Arctic Chill, Mangosteen Mint and Peppermint Fresh.

Oliver is particular to Arctic Chill while Sebastian, Kianna and I like Peppermint Fresh. I also had my mom try it and she liked Mangosteen Mint. There’s a flavor for every member in the family to enjoy! Just a gargle of Swish and you can start your day off right with fresh breath.

We all liked that it didn’t burn our throats. My mom was especially happy about this as she used to use a well known mouth wash that smelled great but was hard on the throat.

Oliver has a bottle at the office he uses after eating lunch.

DSC00813 rs

The breath spray was a bit of a concern because Bastian and Kianna each wanted to have it. There being only one, I told them to share it.

They really like this and Bastian even used this right before his report to give him some more confidence. Looks like I’ll have to stock up so they each have their own breath spray!


Mouthwash and breath sprays can be a quick fix for moments when you’ve just had lunch and need to rush off to a presentation.

Also, I can imagine when either of my children see someone they like approaching them a quick spray of Swish will make them feel confident.

DSC00815 rs

There are different sizes and variants and you can easily bring these in your bag or on a trip.

DSC00817 rs

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