Diet and exercise should make me fit and lean. Easier said than done! After packing on quite a few pounds from 3 pregnancies and I have to admit my love for sweets it’s been tough getting back into shape. When an opportunity to try The GoodBox healthy meals appeared through Mommy Bloggers Philippines I eagerly signed up.

I’ve been hearing about this sort of diet program where healthy meals are delivered to your doorstep. I have a friend who has tried this and she and her husband are doing great which was another reason I was encouraged to try it!

The GoodBox is made up of a team of chefs all from Enderun Colleges, one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the Philippines. The meal program offers you 6 different meal calorie menus depending on what you want to achieve. You may be wanting to lose a few pounds, maintaining your current weight or even want to gain some pounds. The GoodBox can help you by providing you healthy meals 5 days a week.

Now just because these are healthy meals doesn’t mean they sacrifice flavor and taste. They offer a wide variety of food and as in my experience some that I have never tried before but was happy to be exposed to.

My Meal Plan:


Eggs Italiano with Fruit and Fresh Juice

DSC00830 rs

I started off the day with Eggs Italiano, fresh juice and and orange. I really enjoyed it especially the juice. Looking at it, it didn’t seem filling but it was. I don’t own a microwave yet so everything had to be steamed. The Eggs Italiano had zucchini and onions. First time for me to try something like this.

DSC00831 rs

Popcorn Balls

DSC00833 rs

Breakfast was pretty good because I wasn’t looking for my snack yet. I had eaten breakfast at around 7:30am and ate my snack of Popcorn Balls at 10:00am. It was alright and I liked it because it had marshmallows which I love!

 Shrimp and Coucous with Yogurt-Hummus Sauce and Salad 

DSC00825 rs

DSC00841 rs

Lunch time came around and I was starting to feel the hunger pangs. I ate the salad first and the dressing was tasty. I’m not a salad kind of person but I found this to be alright with a big help from the dressing.

The Shrimp and Coucous with Yogurt-Hummus Sauce was very interesting as I had never tried Couscous before. It’s similar to rice but with a lot more flavor of spices. The shrimp was delicious and the Yogurt- Hummus sauce made the whole meal better. It was a bit spicy there for a moment! Whew!

DSC00842 rs


I had a PM snack which I ate at about 4:00pm. I was so hungry though that I forgot to take a picture and just gobbled it all up! It was 2 cookies, very plain. At this point, I was realizing that maintaining this kind of diet would definitely be a challenge. It seemed like I was waiting from meal to meal. However, if stuck to it would result in a leaner and meaner you.

Vietnamese Tofu-Noodle Lettuce Wraps with Jello

DSC00848 rs

Dinner was really light with Vietnamese Tofu-Noodle Lettuce Wraps. I’m not big on just having veggies for dinner but this was quite tasty.  The noodles were still alright and not soft or soggy. Dessert was orange Jello.

DSC00844 rs

Overall, my experience with The GoodBox was a good one. Some suggestions I would make are:

  • Deliver items in paper bags and not plastic. Since we’re going healthy we should also go for green!
  • Indicate the instructions per meal. Though there were labels indicating Heat and Chill, more specific instructions would help.

The meal choices were fine and really gave me a broad spectrum because from Cuscous to Vietnamese Tofu Noodles it made for very interesting meals. I felt quite well-rounded actually.

Definitely, this a service to explore for those like me looking at a more healthy diet. It can be quite costly but computing the meals you cook and the takeout you buy it makes more sense to spend for healthy food.

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