This year I spent my birthday eating. As luck would have it, I won Nines Vs Food’s Burger Culture and Moo Shake giveaway. I had won a Php500.00 gift certificate to do as we pleased.

Oliver, Jael and I went to Burger Culture located in Tomas Morato to meet up with Nina to claim my prize and have a Burger Culture experience.

Burger Culture is known for it’s Custom Built Burgers where you can build your own burgers from choosing your bun and patty down to the dressing and sides. If you’re not up for the challenge and feel a bit overwhelmed you can go for their House Signatures which is what we did.

DSC00377 rs

I ordered The Works (Php250) which was rib-eye blended patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss cheese, bacon and mushrooms with garlic aioli sauce in a kaiser bun. It’s also served with potato wedge fries.

I was in love with this burger and wasn’t expecting to finish it. It’s a huge serving and I was so full I didn’t eat dinner.

DSC00378 rs

Oliver had the Cowboy’s Delight (Php225) which was a ribeye blend patty topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, fried egg and onion rings their secret sauce in a sesame seed bun. For review purposes (!) I had a bite and this was also delicious.

Both burgers are 100% premium beef.

DSC00379 rs

I couldn’t leave without trying their Moo Shake. They have Regular (Php90)- Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Taro and Specialty (Php125)- Choco Oreo, Fresh Mango, Fresh Banana, Butterfinger, Twix Coffee, Cookies and Cream, Creme Brulee and Pina Colada.

I was planning on getting a regular and specialty unfortunately they didn’t have Chocolate so I opted for Cookies and Cream so Jael could also drink it.

DSC00376 rs

The place was quite small giving it that cozy feel. They offer free WI-Fi and have a TV to entertain their customers.

DSC00386 rs

In keeping with the Moo theme their walls are covered in cow hide like wallpaper. They have a mini-bar where you can sit and just have shakes if you  like.

DSC00387 rs

DSC00391 rs

DSC00395 rs

We’re definitely planning to go back and have more of these sumptuous burgers. This time with the whole family!

Burger Culture delivers! Call 794-5319

Burger Culture
T. Morato corner Scout Madrinan South Triangle

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