An easy way to beautify your home is with a wall sticker. I’m a big fan of wall stickers because it doesn’t take any physical space just the space on your wall and it’s pretty easy to apply. Nowadays, this seems like a more practical way to decorate.

I recently put up a wall sticker courtesy of I received 2 wall stickers of my choice for me to put up.

It was pretty hard to choose with so many beautiful designs. I decided to choose a design and a quote.

Wall Quote

I gave the quote to my friend, Celeste who put it up in her shop The Spotted Elephant.

She loved the quote and found the perfect place for it. She found it easy to put up and since the sticker came in 3 parts she was able to put it up the way she wanted to.

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How it’s supposed to look


How it turned out

Wall Design

I chose to put my sticker in my home office.

My chosen wall sticker had many parts to it and was more time consuming to put up. It was a little confusing trying to follow the pattern. I didn’t focus too much on getting the exact same design. I just made sure I made allowances for all the parts.

It was fairly easy to apply. This type of wall sticker is not re-usable though. Be sure about the spot you’ve chosen when applying. I tried to see what would happen if I tried to remove a small corner. The paint also peeled off.


How it’s supposed to look


How it turned out

 They ship worldwide which is great. They also have a promo for free delivery on all orders £40/ $50 or above.

They also have various payment options, PayPal included.

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